Sunday 22 November 2020

How to Have an Eco Christmas

 Go Plastic Free This Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but sadly encourages a lot of waste and plastic wrap. Even glittery cards may contain plastics although thankfully some stores are beginning to ban certain types of glitter, opting for more eco friendly ones instead.

Last year I covered some ideas on 'How to have a Greener Christmas' including eco friendly advent calendars, alternative wrapping, cards, decorations and gift ideas. I also wrote a post on 'Less Waste at Christmas' examining the impact of Christmas and what we can do to help reduce our waste.

If you're looking for inspiration or gift ideas why not check out my list of books on reducing plastic waste suited to children or adults (click on the word adult or child for a seperate listing).

So what have I been up to lately? 

During the year I have been busy making plastic free products including:

* Fabric re-fillable Christmas crackers with wildflower seed balls inside
* Patterned washing up cloths made with 100% cotton and natural kapok
* Makeup wipes made with cotton and soft wynciette fabric
* Upcycled crafts including wine and whisky bottles with fairy lights
(the light switch is made from plastic, batteries are replaceable and should last a lot more than single use).

Reindeer Fabric Cracker with Seeballs

Current Prices of my goodies are as follows:

£3.10 for reusable fabric cracker sleeves
£3.95 for unsponge washing up cloths
£4.30 for xmas themed washing up cloths
£6.25 for festive cracker with inner bamboo tube + pack of 6 seed balls
£7.45 for 6 makeup wipes + tote bag
£7.95 for 7 makeup wipes + tote bag
£7.99 for gift box + pack of 10 wildflower seedballs
£8.10 for reindeer facewipes + tote bag
£8.99 for giant size refillable cracker + tote bag
£10.50 for fairy light bottles (around £7.50 + £3 postage)

Fairy Light Bottle with Butterflies

(Supplies are limited and prices may vary -
proceeds go towards keeping our web site going).

To check out my Etsy store go to:

We are also proud to be listed on the new PlasticFreeThings marketplace which only lists UK sellers who make their own products. 

Our store front can be found at:

 Giant Christmas Cracker with Wildflower Seedballs

Also check out my plastic free reviews section for lots of gift ideas including plastic free razor, bamboo toothbrushes, beautiful wax wraps and more.

The site below reviews some plastic free household items such as loo rolls at: (treat yourself to an eco friendly bottom!)

Random News!

1) During your web browsing why not try Ecosia, a search engine that donates 80% of profit per clicks to growing more trees around the world? As part of their projects, 2020 trees were recently planted around hospitals in the UK:

2) Did you know that National Tree Planting Week (for UK) starts on 28th November? Our local farm shop have been asking for pledges to plant bushes and trees on their land where they will add in bird feeders and nesting boxes. 

The Woodland Trust offer free trees to schools and local communities, applications are open for March 2021 tree delivery. Or you can buy from the Woodland Trust shop if you want to get started now.

If you're craving fresh air and a walk in the forest, check out this link to find a wood near you. Your lungs will thank you for it!

White Hedgehog by Pixabay on Pexels

3) It was great to hear recently that a community in Oxfordshire have built a hedgehog highway through their gardens, some digging tunnels and adding ramps along their fences? How lovely! 

Check out Hedgehog Street if you'd like to build your own and place your highway on the map.

For more lovelier news check out our positive news stories section.

Whatever you do and wherever you are have yourself a warm and fuzzy Christmas!

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