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Lovelier Planet Items for Sale!

To help support the site I have made some eco crafts plus upcycled products.

These include washing up cloths, otherwise known as unsponges which are made from 100% cotton front, cotton thread, kapok filling (fluff from a tree so no synthetics) and a linen backing.

Unsponge natural washing up cloths compostable biodegradeable

Unsponge wash cloth

Materials have been selected to be natural, synthetic free, anti bacterial, machine washable and compostable at the end of their lives.

For various designs including plant, bird, garden or flower check out the following links.

Garden and Bird designs -

Disney and Sea-life designs -

London City, Flowers & Fox -

These are made from cotton fabric with reindeer design, coloured twine, inner tube plus 6 seed balls inside with wildflowers seeds enclosed. I also do fabric sleeves so you can fill your own crackers.

A perfect idea as the flowers can brighten up your garden which will in turn attract bees & butterflies to your patch. Next Christmas the crackers can be filled with any other item to keep them going!

Reindeer Re-Fillable Eco Christmas Crackers

Re-usable Christmas Crackers Filled with Seedballs

Seed balls - instead of buying plants in plastic pots at the garden centre why not plant some homemade seed balls packaged in a card pillow envelope? The seed balls can be scattered in difficult to reach places as they don't need to be dug in. They can also be placed in window boxes or containers that you might already own.

Bee Butterfly Friendly Seed balls in gift box by Lovelier Planet

Seedballs for Wildflowers by LovelierPlanet

Filled with natural wildflower seeds which are bee and butterfly friendly. The tape used to seal and decorate the product is a washi tape (Japanese paper tape) and the seeds are enclosed in acid free tissue paper.

For more information on the seed pods check out our Etsy store at:

Makeup Removal Wipes - I have made up a set of 7 facewipe cloths useful for removing makeup and may help to reduce the disposal of wet wipes that often contain plastic. The bonus is that these can be washed and used again and will also biodegrade at the end of their useful lives.

Each cloth is 7cm squared and comes with a patterned linen tote bag with drawstring.

natural re-usable makeup remover wipes by lovelierplanet

Winnie the Pooh Compostable Makeup Face Wipes

Lotus Flower Makeup Wipes with Multiple Tote Bags to choose from (pack of 7):

Winnie the Pooh + Patterned Makeup Wipes + Polar Bear Bag (smaller pack of 6):

Rudolph Makeup Wipes in Festive Tote Bag (pack of 6):

There are tips on how to make your own natural makeup remover, also in the links above.

(The corks contain plastic, the batteries are replaceable so the cork can be re-used time and again).

Wine Bottle Fairylights
Brighten up your living room, patio or kitchen with these pretty lights in Wine, Cider, Tequila or Whisky Bottles (inc Game of Thrones - House Targeryan).

I have the bottles listing in 6 groups:

Upcycled Fairylight Bottles - Wine, Whisky, Cider or Tequila


We have also been listed on PlasticFreeThings Site - see link below for our store!