Monday 16 March 2020

Review - Turn the Tide on Plastic

This is my 17th review on plastic alternatives. Hope you enjoy!

Scoring system: 

❤ = Will keep, I love it / 👀 = Not sure, will try some more / 😐 = Oh dear, it's not for me

Review Seventeen - Turning the Tide on Plastic 

The paperback book 'Turning the Tide on Plastic' is written by Lucy Siegle. Some may be familiar with Lucy as she regularly appears on the One Show (UK TV). She (like me) loves facts, figures and statistics. The author includes quotes for her words at the bottom of each page so curious minds can read up more later.

The book reads very much like a novel - at first I was a little bemused when I saw no graphics, no colour, no imagery at all. I am a lover of colour and variety, so at first I thought I would struggle to absorb the text, without anything to break it up. But to be honest I only managed to read bits at a time anyway, so it really didn't matter not having anything to break up the text.

Review on Turning the Tide on Plastic Book by Lucy Siegle

Lucy has a lot of knowledge on the subject and explains it in a way that most households can appreciate. I found myself writing notes of things to look into later! 

She explains the need to take action now. 'Without big action, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the seas.' 'It is estimated that 5.1 trillion tiny pieces of plastic litter the world's oceans.' are examples of quotes to make us all think.

My Verdict?

I found the writing matter of fact and helpful and something you can pick up and read a bit at a time to absorb the information. I think for me, seeing graphics does lift up my interest, but I realise graphics means colour print which can push up the costs and extra ink. I guess it's down to the reader what they prefer. Beth Terry's book I reviewed in a previous post had a mix of graphics and text and is my preferred choice of the two.

Having said that, the text is more relevant to UK readers than Beth's and I found the links at the bottom of the pages and the resources section at the back very useful, so I will score it a love ❤ from me! 

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