Wednesday 15 January 2020

Review - Organic Tooth Powder

This is my 13th review on plastic alternatives. I hope these help give some ideas on plastic reduction, or alternatives you can use in your daily lives.

Scoring system: 

❤ = Will keep, I love it / 👀 = Not sure, will try some more / 😐 = Oh dear, it's not for me

Review Thirteen - Georganics Tooth Powder

In previous reviews I looked at bamboo toothbrushes & some plastic free toothpaste (save some green tooth tabs plus truthpaste products). 

truth paste, tooth tabs, tooth powder + bamboo brush

Here I review a third toothpaste that I have used, called georganics tooth powder.

Georganics is a UK company set up in 2014 & aims to use organic natural products. They say around 300 million empty plastic toothpaste tubes are sent to landfill every year. 

The company tries hard to combat plastic waste with their wide range of products including tooth tabs, mouth wash, tooth powders, plastic free paste, as well as beech wood toothbrushes and various types of floss.

I bought my tooth powder from Ethical Superstore although you can buy direct from the company also.
My verdict?

Out of the three teeth cleaning products I have reviewed so far this is my favourite. I love the little glass jar and metal lid and card box it comes in. The product I tried is described as 'English Peppermint', however I get mostly orange in taste, not very strongly minty for me. But that is why I like it!

It fizzes in the mouth very briefly to start with. I usually dab the brush into the powder first then apply on various parts of teeth before brushing.

The end result makes my teeth feel clean and smooth and it doesn't leave a strong after taste. 
I can see myself using this again so have scored it a love  from me!