Wednesday 8 January 2020

Review - Truthpaste Tooth Tabs

This is my 12th review on plastic alternatives. I hope these help give some ideas on plastic reduction, or alternatives you can use in your daily lives.

Scoring system: 

❤ = Will keep, I love it / 👀 = Not sure, will try some more / 😐 = Oh dear, it's not for me

Review Twelve - Plastic Free Toothpaste

In a previous reviews I have looked at bamboo toothbrushes & plastic free razors. The bathroom is awash with plastics so it was a natural choice to make big changes in those areas. Lately I have been using 3 different types of teeth cleaning products. I will review 2 of them below and follow up with the 3rd one soon. Hope you enjoy!

Save Some Green Tooth Tabs

These are baking soda based tooth tablets that you chew to let them dissolve & then brush the product into teeth before rinsing. The product comes in a small tin, so it's useful for travelling as doesn't take a lot of room. I bought mine from a lovely company called Floral Fox to try them out. You can buy refill pouches (fluoride or fluoride free) that come in little greaseproof paper pouches from the Save Some Green site. 

They also do a dental subscription pack with bamboo toothbrush, tooth tabs & dental floss. This is delivered every 3 months. You can choose different options so you don't have to select all 3 items. There's even a selection of kid's brushes so you can order a pack for the family too. A great idea!

My verdict

No real problems to report - the product is minty and makes my teeth feeling clean & fresh. Adding water to the brush before brushing does make it very slippery. Normally with toothpaste the water holds in your mouth as you brush, with these baking soda tabs the water runs down the handle (so I tend to skip the water & use with a dry brush instead).

Some folks may find it strange not having a foam in the mouth using this product. As long as my mouth feels fresh and clean afterwards then I don't mind.

So for me my verdict is ❤ = Will keep, I love it!

Handmade in Brighton, this product is clay based with calcium carbonate and essential oils. It is a thick teeth cleaning product available in a clear glass jar with metal lid. Similar to the tooth tabs product above, I got mine from the online store Floral Fox. I purchased the smaller size as a trial.

Truthpaste plastic free natural mineral toothpaste

It's great to have a choice of products not in plastic tubes, the supermarkets are awash with those so having online stores that sell alternatives is great. 

My verdict

For me the particular flavour I tried (peppermint and wintergreen) was very, very strong. At first I was worried I wouldn't be able to complete the trial but I did adjust to it slightly. I did find that you get a gritty feeling in your teeth, possibly from the clay. I tried very hard to like it but have to declare, this was a hard one for me to enjoy. 

I absolutely love the idea and the company does produce other flavours. Of course, with products you are going to put in your mouth it's a personal choice and some may find the strong flavour just right for their needs.

 Also they do a sweet orange and mild mint for children in their site which could be an option to try also. I recommend going for smaller sizes first to give them a try. It does last a long time as you only need a small amount for each brushing.

For me I would give top marks for the company but for the product I found it too strong and didn't like the gritty texture (just my own personal thoughts though). 

Unfortunately I rate this as 😐 = Oh dear, it's not for me!

In my next review I will be looking at tooth powder, another possible alternative in reducing plastic waste. Stay tuned for more - & of course there's more bathroom and kitchen reviews to follow as I have been working my way through the 50 items challenge.