Wednesday 18 September 2019

A New Life for Old Plastic

 The Poly Roger
The Poly Roger - a cheeky name for a 'Plastic Fishing' boat. It is made from plastic itself and designed to carry passengers while they pick up plastic waste from Britain's waterways. 

The first boat made in London was named 'Poly-mer' however it soon became clear that more awareness (and more clean ups!) were needed nationwide.

Poly Roger and its volunteers have toured UK sites during Spring and Summer 2019, including Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Central Scotland.

Together they collected over 2,233 plastic bottles and over 192 bags of general waste. 

To get more information on their achievements and tours check out:
Meet Poly the Seal!
Poly the seal is made entirely from washed up plastics found on a beach in Essex. Seals have been injured in the area due to plastic pollution.

This life size seal and pup was designed by Sue Lynas. She was approached by the Wildlife Trust to come up with a design for Marine Awareness week.

Sue says most of the beach waste was plastic - including a toy dinosaur, a Barbie doll leg, crisp packets, cotton buds - and some items which were more than 20 years old.

For more on the story and pictures of Poly and her pup head on down to: 

Fancy Joining a Beach Clean?
The Marine Conservation Society are looking for volunteers in the Great British Beach Clean event 2019. Supported by the Ocado Foundation and the People's Postcode Lottery, this event is due to take place nationwide from the 20th to 23rd September. (If you can't make those dates don't worry, there are some smaller events throughout the year too). 

To find an event near you and register check out: 

crowd jumping on a beach