Saturday 7 September 2019

Save our Trees

Saving the Planet one Tree at a Time
According to the Scotsman more than 22 million trees were planted in Scotland last year (2018) to help deal with the climate change emergency.

The new trees cover 11,200 hectares of countryside with more trees planted in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.

Dr Sam Gardner, deputy director at WWF Scotland added: “Woodlands will play an increasingly important role in capturing carbon and reducing Scotland’s contribution to climate change. These statistics show that Scotland can not only meet its own targets, [but can make] a significant contribution to the UK’s response to the climate emergency."

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The Northern Forest to take shape
Meanwhile in England plans have been unveiled for 50 million trees in a new Northern Forest over the next 25 years. It will stretch from Liverpool across to Hull with the M62 as its spine.

Tree planting rates are dramatically low with tree planting in 2016 being only 700 hectares against the Government’s target of 5,000 hectares a year. There is a need for drastic change.

For a map of the Northern Forest borders and a much more in-depth article check out:

The Woodland Trust have some subsidised tree and hedge packs to farmers, landowners and schools.

Landowners/crofters/farmers can click here for subsidised packs for 2020. You can also buy wildlife friendly seeds for back gardens too in their shop.

Schools can click here for more information and resources:

Aerial View of Trees