Tuesday 17 September 2019

Planting Our Sea Meadows

Can Seagrass Help us Breathe?
The UK charity organisation WWF are looking at ways to increase our oxygen levels, not just by re-planting trees but also re-planting seas!
What is Seagrass?
Seagrass lives in shallow, sheltered areas along our coast which captures carbon, up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests. It can absorb 10% of the ocean’s carbon each year.

Additionally, a 10,000 m2 area can support 80,000 fish and over a million invertebrates.

In the UK, up to 92 per cent of our seagrass has disappeared
To turn this around the WWF, Sky Ocean Rescue and Swansea University are coming together to bring these incredible underwater meadows back to life.

As part of the project, one million seagrass seeds have been collected in the summer of 2019 from various sites around the country. The seeds will be cultivated, before being planted in Dale Bay in Pembrokeshire where they will grow into a 20,000 m2 seagrass meadows.

This pilot project will hopefully encourage the government to do more planting to help bring the sea meadows back to our UK shores.  
Forest with caption This is Not Still Life
WWF Amazon Rainforest Appeal

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Do you know your own carbon footprint?
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